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[Jan. 8th, 2009|02:05 pm]
Whew! It's just downright cold outside!! Nothing like January in the Chicagoland area. Well, when it was raining it was weird but now we're back to normal.

I'm the last one in the family to catch the cold... first Tim, then Ian... it's getting harder to breathe as I'm sitting here. Nothing a little Dayquil won't take care of I think. I'm just glad Ian isn't dripping snot anymore. While long sleeves in the winter are a must, it gets a little gross when they're used for a kleenex and you can't get there fast enough to wipe it first. Ah well.... colds and kids. I WISH it was an oxymoron.

I'm glad to be back to "normal." School started up again this past Monday and I MISSED going into the high school for work. The kids are crazy and a huge source of amusement... I just had my own family and adults at the clinic for amusements over the holidays. HA! Not nearly as fun....

Let's see. We've had our house now for six weeks and we're already refinancing! A good friend of mine's husband pointed us to their mortgage guy. We met with him but then went through the builder for the incentives. We had such a great experience with the guy, Brian, that we've kept in contact with him. He just emailed Tim and said we could get 5.0%!! We're at 5.875% right now... but it'll make a big difference! So pumped!

Tim is looking for full time work. Over the past 2 years now, he's been working solely with a graphic designer doing all the web based jobs. While it's been consistent WORK, it's been inconsistent pay. Not good. BUT, the situation was ok while Tim was doing it... the added stuff for his resume is great. We've just come to the end of the arrangement now... time for Tim to go on his way somewhere else. SO. We're writing (which means me) resumes and cover letters... which, by the way, are all emails now. Weird. I can't even IMAGINE what it would be like to have Tim have a regular paycheck. It would almost seem like winning the lottery. I might be able to actually get clothes! *gasp* It is just a foreign concept for me... as the financial person in the family... to wrap my head around.

I'm really into baby fever now. It's going to happen. I'm 90% sure it'll be this year. I am finding that there are 3 things that need to happen first: 1) I have to have a procedure done, 2) we have to save at least 4 months of living expenses, and 3) I need to be at a healthy WEIGHT and fitness level. Since I *know* these things need to happen... it's been easy for me to be calm with the fever. Luckily, I have a lot of pregnant patients that I openly live vicariously through (I tell them and they're ok with it!).

Ok... that's all for now. I am going to Starbucks and get an oil change and then go to work.