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Holy Smokes!!! Where has July, let along June, gone?!?!?! Just… - SuperLindy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jul. 16th, 2009|07:38 am]
Holy Smokes!!! Where has July, let along June, gone?!?!?! Just under a month until our fall football season starts!!

I've been completely absent lately... vacation combined with significantly more work than I expected to be doing over the summer has made SuperLindy an exhausted girl. It makes me sad that Ian is wondering why mommy has to go to work ALLLLL the time! Luckily, he's had quality time with daddy, The Grands, and the couple of really great babysitters (a couple of my wonderful high school girls!) to have a really great summer. That's one of the reasons why I'm excited for the school year to start again... My hours will be regular!!!

I'll post pictures eventually from vacation but in the meantime... We went on our yearly trek to northwestern Minnesota for a week filled with family, lake, and beer. This year was rather special in the fact that my wonderful brother and SIL from London joined us!! We had them for an entire WEEK!!!! Every single person I love most in the world was in Minnesota that week... and the pictures are just the icing on the cake. As with small children, "vacation" doesn't always seem like the right word... One day, Tim and Ian and I will have a "real" family vacation that we can allllll enjoy, not just survive. :-) Ian was really super good and delightful and FULL of joy at playing outside, with his uncles and grandma, and the beach. It was just so NICE to just BE with family!

Work has been busy... I'm gone a lot more than expected but this month, I do have most Fridays off. The last 2 weeks, I have Thur AND Fridays off which is going to be NICE. I have a couple of things household-wise I want to do before the hustle of the fall sets in... painting, organizing, day trips with Tim and Ian.... stuff I feel like I never have time for!

Tim has a potential LONG contract coming up. We get the final word on Friday... the company had to "create" a position for him. It's a contract, of course... but a really great one. We are *thisclose* to having everything but the mortgage and our student loans PAID OFF. That's right. I said it! We are really excited about the potential... I'll let you know. IF he does indeed get this contract and maintains for at least 3 months... there might be another little one in the works!!

On that note... I gotta get ready for work!!

I assure you all... I'm reading and trying to comment as I can... but I'm rarely even able to! It'll get better and better... really!!