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[Jul. 4th, 2010|01:47 pm]
Since Tim unplugged everything before we left for vacation... and I *thought* the pizza was cooking... I now have a few minutes to write before the pizza actually gets done with a plugged in toaster oven.

I've been incognito the last month due to being the busiest I've ever remembered being... Seriously, I don't ever remember a time like this. Work, family, vacation prep, new job prep, household, etc. Anyway... this'll be a quicker update.

Work: It's official. I resigned, over the phone, to the company I'm at the high school with. SO. No more high schoolers to keep me amused. BUT. I start my *NEW* job on Tuesday the 6th. I'm still an Athletic Trainer, but my official title is "Physician Extender/Sports Medicine Coordinator." Part of being busy was that I literally didn't have time to sit down, type a resignation letter and either mail OR deliver it. Hopefully, that's ok? Hmmm... I better check that. I told the varsity football team the day before my last day with them and that was really, really hard... I had to tell myself over and over that there wasn't any crying in football! I will miss the daily interactions with them SO MUCH. Luckily, one of my best friends is actually taking my place at the high school! I couldn't be more relieved that I'm leaving them in great hands. So, I'll have 2 of my closest friends working across the street from home... looks like I'll be visiting a lot, eh?

Family: Ian's doing great! I think he's doing better this summer than he usually does during the school year. The biggest difference: fun and young babysitters (one high school, one college). He DOES things like play and be outside and have Adventures (whenever they go somewhere... library, the mall, other errands that are just fun when you're not with mommy!) and just be a KID like he should be during the summers especially. Tim's doing pretty good. He is unfortunately falling into a bit of his old self... thinking he needs to do ANYTHING to keep his current contract. Which included working THE ENTIRE FREAKING VACATION. I'm a bit bitter, can you tell? Other than that... he's been working from home more often, which has been nice but he's really busy and because he puts more pressure on himself to perform, it's like he's working 12 hour or MORE days. Suck.

Extended Family: My SIL, Gerry, flew in almost 2 weeks ago to have a good visit... too bad my brother couldn't because of vacation time. Sigh. BUT. Gerry came with us to our week long vacation and honestly, she made it worthwhile! It was so FUN to not just catch up with her... but just to BE hanging out with her. I will miss her! My youngest brother is on a 2 month business trip... thank goodness I had the vacation busy-ness to keep me occupied. Otherwise, I would have sobbed like a baby when I had to say goodbye to him. I'm going to miss him a LOT since he's usually the one that is the closest in mileage! Can't just text him or call him... sigh...... My other brother should be home soon-ish from his business trip. He said in a recent email "the powers that be seems to make sure none of us siblings are ever on the same continent!" What a true statement.

Vacation: It pretty much sucked with just a couple of highlights... Tim literally worked the entire time, my mom was acting weird, it was horribly hot the last couple of days, and I had to juggle Ian, who only wanted to be outside, pretty much all by myself. On the plus side... it was nice to get away, I always LOVE Minnesota, got to hang out with Gerry and my beloved grandma, got a few cute things at the cute little shops. That's all I'm going to say 'bout that.

Baby: I'm almost 6 months along now (will be in less than a week)! I can't believe how much I've grown just over the past WEEK. I feel he/she kicking and moving... more subtle now, but definitely with consistency. Tim's felt the baby move, too. I still feel really great... sometimes, I don't feel pregnant at ALL! The only thing is in the evenings, I feel the stretching and pressure and just need to lay down for 10min-10 hours and it's fine. :-) I'm so lucky!! As of yet, no swelling and my weight gain has been just the amount that I'm happy with it. Although, I'm going to weigh myself in a little bit here after not doing it while away on vacation... I'm a little scared!! Ah well... I've been eating well if you don't count the Cheetos addiction. In the naming department, we have a few names for both girl and boys... I don't think we'll hammer something down until the kid is actually born? I sort of like that idea actually. Since we don't know what we're having, we might as well wait for the name, too!

I think that's all for now. Time for a shower and getting ready for BBQ at The Grands!

Happy 4th of July!!!