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superlindy's Journal

16 February 1979
Hi! I'm Lindy and I turned 30 in 2009. My theme for my 30s: It's a NEW decade! I am married to a mostly wonderful husband, Tim (let's be realistic here!)... we have our son, Ian (8/25/06). We also found out that we're expecting our 2nd child in Oct 2010!! Tim and I started shaky but our life together has grown stronger and stronger through the years. We LOVE our growing little family. We really believe that being a mom and dad means our child is an addition to OUR life... our life does NOT revolve around them. I really love being a mom... and Ian is *such* a kind and crazy boy. I work full time as an Athletic Trainer and I'm blessed to LOVE my job. I have extreme fulfillment going to work every day. I am very close to my family... speak with my mom every day and my 3 brothers weekly... I am very blessed to have great in-laws (aka The Grands) that live very close. We just bought our first home Nov 2008 and have been LOVING it.

I love to read Sci-Fi, Fantasy, an occasional romance, thrillers... even a zombie book or two! I really like to host people, opening my home to them and just have a good time. I love Target... and recognizing I have an addiction is the first step. Frick... I can't even think of anything else to put down for what I do in my free time!!

Disclaimer: I always read my LJ... I don't comment a whole heck of a lot. Doesn't mean I don't care, it means I just don't have time to! I don't always post... but it also means I just didn't have time to! I'm thinking this will be a bit different in the upcoming months since my job is changing a bit... but I suppose we'll see!! You've been warned!