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Ok, ok... I know I'm not even 4 months preggo... but I'm a little bit… - SuperLindy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 5th, 2010|11:30 am]
Ok, ok... I know I'm not even 4 months preggo... but I'm a little bit nervous. Nervous in the sense of all the "stuff" we need. Now, we are notorious for being perfectly happy with the bare minimum of baby gear... My MIL was always commenting back in the day when Ian was a baby how LITTLE we actually had. We didn't have any money 4 years ago and a really small apartment ... but we found that we didn't NEED a lot of stuff. ANyhoo...

We donated a lot of stuff of Ian's... but kept the big stuff. I think. I need to raid my mom's house and my MIL's garage to see what we actually HAVE from Ian. I think: baby bath, boppy, pack 'n play (which, if I remember correctly, Ian put a largish dent because we had him in it until he was pretty old.. we couldn't afford a crib and the in laws finally just bought us one... ha!), infant car seat and stroller (which, I don't like... Ian was allergic to the actual material which = PIA).

I've been looking online at stuff this morning... I created a wish list just so that I have a list to go on!! I'm not expecting or relying on a baby shower... it's the second kid, kwim?

Just being able to prepare properly is one MAJOR reason towards finding out what we're having. :-) But, I'm trying to be strong.

Argh!! I need to calm the heck DOWN. The internet at my fingertips is not helping.

I did really like the fact that we used the pack 'n play for the first few months with Ian. He was in our room at the foot of the bed... This time, I'm pretty sure I want it right next to me to help with night feedings and such. Kinda like a co-sleeper/sidecar but with multiple uses... I would like a rocker this time around, too. A Nursing Station, if you will. We have plenty of room in our master BR so it'll just be a matter of getting it all. WHICH I want to start getting stuff here and there.

Another worry: What if I end up in the hospital again? It would be much easier this time around already... but still! I want to plan and BE a part of the getting ready. While it isn't a do-over from when Ian was born, it is an opportunity to make good decisions and prepare MUCH better.


From: (Anonymous)
2010-05-05 07:49 pm (UTC)

Don't worry...be happy!

Cheesy, but true in this case. :-) You're right. Babies don't need as much "stuff" as we parents think they do. They need clean diapers and milk of some kind and lots of love. That's really about it. BUT I also understand the freak-out. Don't forget, Craigslist and second-hand stores are awesome. Plus, with as many people as you know, I'm sure if you really needed something that you'd know someone who could let you borrow it for while. Yay for preggo hormones making you crazy already!! --Deanna
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